Sunday, March 27, 2011



Thanks to everyone who has purchased art or expressed interest so far. The help is much appreciated.

I'm taking a break this week in order to list some orginal drawings that are up for sale. Why are they being sold?  To raise money to get the first issue of Calamity of Challenge printed, that's why! So stick that in y'ur pipe!

You heard right - there will be a 28 page, full color Calamity of Challenge comic available for sale this June. More details will be posted here when they become available, but right off the bat I can say that there will only be 200 printed on the first go round, it will be full of powerful drawings and strong dialogue, and that the cover will look a little something like this...

Here is the deal on this art - if you see a piece you like then please email me at to let me know. Prices here are in US dollars and I can give you shipping costs based on where you reside. Priority mail in the US will run $12 (including delivery confirmation and insurance) and obvioulsy international runs a little higher. Everything is first come first serve. Each piece is on either 80# or 100# cover stock. Sizes and prices are listed with each below. All characters depicted are copyright and trademarked property of their respective owners.

Thanks for checking it out.

World's Finest COVERED submission (after Nick Cardy):


World's Finest - Hork! COVERED submission (after Dick Dillin):


BATMANS OF THE BATMAN (after Rich Buckler):


Creeper - REPANELED submission (after Steve Ditko):


Creeper - COVERED submission (after Steve Ditko):


Demon Hunter - COVERED submission (after Rich Buckler):



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D W said...

I'd really liek to see Calamity of Challenge in print. How 'bout doing a "kickstarter"?