Sunday, March 13, 2011

Page 17 plus bonus

Hey gang,

Al here with a curiosity for ya - a still from the Canadian-produced COBRAXE ADVENTURES TV cartoon from 1981. There were only 3 episodes made (very cheaply, I might add) and each featured a guest star from the worlds of music, television, and movies. This particular show featured funnyman Bruce Baum, while the other two had appearances by Alex Karras and the rock & roll band Sugarloaf performing their hits "Green Eyed Lady" and "Don't Call Us". Never aired in the states the three episodes were released on German video in the late 80's.

You'll notice that Cobraxe has a laser-axe there. Seems some PTA ladies thought that their little boys might go around taping real axes and hatchets to their wrists but I ask you: how many more people have been killed by laser blasts than axe blows? Probably at least 10-12% more, I'd say.



Televex said...

I had almost completely forgotten about Bruce Baum.

Human Mollusk said...

This is getting weirder and more awesome with every new panel.

Paleo said...

You crazy motherfucker, this is berserk cartooning at its best, i love it!

Jason Poland said...

So do you have any episodes of COBRAXE? preferably on Betamax?