Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get ready for the future, dummies!

...coming soon to the pages of CALAMITY OF CHALLENGE

The ULTIMATE in heavy colors and filters. 
Specializing in lens flare and plastic wrap.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Page 20 & Letter bag

Letters and letters, and then letters

Greetings BOOCOCs!

Al is here again with his hand stuck deep into the letter bag, pulling the best of the bunch for your reading pleasure. We had to put a powerful fan next to the email computer because it was BURNING UP with reader questions and complaints, so let's get at 'em

"Dear Al,

I have to say that I find Calamity of Chellenge to be very confusing and hard to follow. Do you have a writing staff, and if so have they never read a comic before? None of what I'm seeing makes any sense."

Swede Vendengger

Hey, Sweed. Thank you for writing in. If you want to make sense of what is admittedly a dense and sprawling epic of the graphical story arts then might I suggest reading Stan Lee's How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way. I would say it was the bible of sequential story crafting but I don't want to go to hell, so I won't.

"Dear CoC,

On page 18 of your story the character of Grief -Deliverer is depicted holding an electric guitar. The guitar seemingly has only five strings, which is highly unlikely. Also, it appears to be a standard right-handed model yet GD is sporting it as a lefty, evidenced by the misplacement of the tremolo bar. This could have been remedied by your artist simply looking at a picture of an actual guitar. It's called reference."

Brad Mitzel
Via mail

I swear to Christ that if I see you at SplendorCon this summer I will choke you where you stand. Do you hear me, you little shit?

"Dear Al,

I'm curious as to the origins of Grief-Deliverer. Not the character's backstory within the context of the narrative, but rather how he was designed by your art staff. Quite frankly I feel that it is a poorly conceived and unappealing character design with no thought put into it other than 'Let's have a Batman/Wolverine stand-in.' Is there something I'm missing?"

D.A. Belmont
via fax

D.A. - I'm gonna let penciller Matthew Allison handle this question:

Yes, Grief-Deliver is a weak Batman clone and is in fact one of the worst characters I've been asked to draw since getting roped into this series, and guess who created him...Old Doo-Dah himself. Yep, Al took me and some of the other bullpen guys out to Shakey's Pizza for lunch one afternoon to brainstorm some new concepts and after asking the waitress for a pen Al gives me this...

Do you see that? That's what I had to go off of. A shirtless Batman with Grips knives jutting from his wrists. What was I supposed to do with that? Well, first of all I refused to give him those claw things so GD now has that knife, which Al was none to pleased with, but seriously... fuck that shit. Next we send the inked pages off to TRIPPENDICULAR STUDIOS to be colored and Al forgot to pass along the color swatches so Grief-Deliverer ends up piss yellow.

Al is a drunk, people. Don't let drunk old men design comic book characters.

Wasn't that a treat, folks? Hope that gives you all some insight into the amazing craft of dream shaping that we call comics. Until next week, DOO DAH!!