Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get ready for the future, dummies!

...coming soon to the pages of CALAMITY OF CHALLENGE

The ULTIMATE in heavy colors and filters. 
Specializing in lens flare and plastic wrap.


Televex said...


Matthew Allison said...

People may not "get" the way the guys at Trippendicular colored this image. They might not "like" it. It's possible that some may even "dislike" it because it's "ugly" or "gaudy" or say that it's "sloppy" or "cheap looking garbage". And I'm certain that many readers will "not buy" a comic book colored this way, or buy it then "hate it with a passion". Terms will be used such as "poopy" or "not good to look at" or "horrible garbage that I hate." or even "awful doo-doo work that belongs in a trash can with other trash."

Mark my words ten years people will look back on this and say "That's not quite as wretched as I remember."

Televex said...

Their logo sure is bad-ass.