Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5 Time 11 O'Closcar Winner!

For the fifth year in a row Calamity of Challenge and artist Matthew Allison have swept the 11 O'Closcars, winning in all 3 categories - Best New Artist, The Best of The Year, and Best Drawing(s).

Here's a shot of me, 11 O'Closcar Winner Matthew Allison, flanked by presenters James Steranko and Vince B...

The event was held in Steranko's dining room. Also in attendance were Al Milgrom, Rich Buckler, Fred Hembeck, Don Rosa, Barry Blair, Gerhard, and host Steve Rude who stormed off the stage 10 minutes into the show when he thought he heard Steranko's dog barking.

There was also a guy dressed as O.M.A.C., but the stupid new 52 O.M.A.C., not the cool Kirby version.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012



right click and open in new tab or window to enjoy

Let's face it, people...this blog is a bit of a mess. My goal this year is to update to a "real" website and have something decent for the people to look at. Keep watching for things!!!

Also, I just purchased my table for the 2012 Denver Comic-Con which will be in June. Well, I actually had to buy a booth since the artist's alley was sold-out, so I'll have a huge 10'x10' area to sell my tiny little comics in. I'll have other exciting stuff by then so continue to keep watching for those things as well.