Saturday, March 17, 2012



Torkaerius said...

Excellent! You have really creative character designs here. :)
Hope to see more soon.
Take care.

Casper said...

You deleted your interview post, I don't know why. I read it and it cracked me up, as did the TCJ interview you posted long ago (not sure if that's still up). The text posts have been very amusing, I say. The first letters page you wrote before I wish you had included in the 'Calamity' comic you put out, I was surprised that it wasn't.

Anyhow, while writing I must say that I read the blog each time you update and I very much like it. I rarely comment though, I can never think of anything to say that isn't just a mindless "that was good" or "i like this." I feel like I should be commenting, that I should be saying something to let you know people are reading, but it's hard to think of something reasonable to write. I'm sure there are others out there that are the same.

In my head I'm imagining you second-guessing yourself and thinking no one likes certain things because no one commented (the fan fiction I remember you deleted too), that thought is what drives me to comment here now, but I tell you now that I for one am reading along and am enthralled. Just enthralled I tell you.

Matthew Allison said...

Casper - I'm deleting your comment.

Before I do though, let me thank you for saying what you did. To be honest, I pulled the last text piece - the interview - mainly because I was concerned that it may come off as too negative and sour grapish. To me it felt like if I have an issue with the current state of comics and pop culture I should simply try and create work that lives outside of that world. If people want to read Walking Dead or Zombies VS. Fanboys so be it, and good on those creators for tapping into that market.

So many use the internet as a gripe bucket and I've been guilty of bitching when I should be working. Money in mouth. However, I will put the interview back up. Why not.

Also, I've rethought deleting your comment - mainly because without it this comment would make no sense...and because it made me happy to read.

Thanks again,
Bungler Bozarth

Scott Ruhl said...

Shit got deep.