Friday, September 7, 2012

My camera has a phone in it

Things that have helped and things that are being made. Camera phone.

Coffee table. This is where coffee books are placed. That book is signed by Michael Allred. I told him not to sign my Wally Wood book. Why?

 These are Vonnegut novels. All signed by Michael Allred.

 Here are all my Madman comics, signed by Wally Wood.

 Twomorrows magazines and Comics Journals. All mint condition and ready for CGC grading.

 Apparently they made a POPEYE movie. I've never seen it.

VHS tapes? In 2008?

I used to have a lot more but I sold them in order to get my magazines CGC graded. Wish me luck!

 These are some of my Something Weird movies. Too naughty for my tastes but I guess there are some pervert men who watch skin flicks.

 Drawings? Of comic book characters? Is this for some book or something?

I'll never tell.

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Anthony Vukojevich said...

Ha! Rob Goodin's a big fan of those Something Weird videos. Me too.