Saturday, December 8, 2012


Here's some stuff I just got in a trade with Lone Star Comics (I dumped some Fangos and Video Watchdogs)...

I'm sorry to use "F" words but fuck Court of Owls. THE OWL is where it's at - these guys sit on a FUCKING PERCH!!!! One guy yells out "KRAAA! KRAAA!". They use a pelican plane to scoop shit up.

These are real superhero comics.

What is this? It is an image from THE FUNKY DEATH OF ROOT BEAST (aka BOOGIE TILL YOU PUKE). This 5-pager will be up on the site in a few weeks. WATCH OUT FOR IT WITH Y'UR EYES AND COMPUTRE!!

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Televex said...

Whoa, the Owl! Have very vague memories of this comic.