Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not catching flies

Last week I was watching one of my cats as she attempted to bring down a fly in our kitchen. The paws would make occasional contact and her eyes would dart after the pest until after a few good swats the thing ended up on the floor. With both paws she covered the fly and got down close to examine it ( most likely with the intent of eating it). She seemed incredibly excited with the potential for triumph.

Unfortunately for her she lifted a paw to eyeball her prize and the fly took off.

That's what drawing is like for me sometimes and right now that fly is crawling on the ceiling and I'm too tired to jump for it. I need to wait till it gets tired as well.

Fucking flies.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This is it. The first digital installment of Damon Gentry and Aaron Conley's wild and WILD SABERTOOTH SWORDSMAN is now available for download on the Dark Horse site.

I've been watching these guys put this book together for the last year or so and every page I've seen is a stunner. Mike Allred says to buy this book. I say to buy this book, and what I say goes!

Also, the next digital issue has a cover by Mr. Me.

Here's a peek at/of it...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Denver Comic Con haul

My friend Adam and I paid a visit to the second annual Denver Comic Con yesterday and since I didn't have a table this year at which to make money I thought I'd spend a bunch of money.

I met Ramona Fradon...I had hoped to spend some time chatting with her but unfortunately they placed her table within a few dozen feet of a Rock Band stage so she was overwhelmed by people warbling classic rock tracks. This is the same thing that happened to Mike Allred last year and Allred got fed up and came to set up at our table (much to our delight). If I had a table for her to camp out at I would have offered it to Fradon since she's in her 70's and simply could not hear what her fans had to say. This is a shame because her work on the various titles she worked on with DC back in the Silver Age is brilliant. She should have had a place of honor at this con along side George Perez and Neal Adams. There is one modern artist whose name I won't mention that had a fancy special booth all to herself at the con and in my opinion this person couldn't sharpen Fradon's pencils. Such is life, however. People like robes and antlers I guess (oops!).

Anyhoo, I got about 20 more Silver age comics than this, but...

Look how great this guy The Destroyer is. Flames for eyes.

The Mike Sekowsky art on this Manhunter 2070 stuff is gorgeous...even with Colleta inks.

I didn't get this one sheet at the con but it was in my photo stash and I love it.