Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm back...back in the new book groove

Why are members of GWAR dying while those dummies in KI77 are still ruining my life?

So, I have returned from a successful trip to the Pacific Northwest and now I am ready to offer copies of my latest comic entertainment to the public: CANKOR #1

For one copy of this book please send to me $6 US. This will include the cost of a mailing man bringing said book to your home and slipping it into your window, as such...

If you live outside the United States please tell me where that is and I will tell you what that will cost to me, and in turn to you.

Please Paypal me at: loafdish@gmail.com

Please email me at: loafdish@gmail.com

Please note that I will attempt to make weekly trips to the post office, so if you order on a Monday I will send on a Friday. Get it? I don't really but I'll figure it out.

Know that in a few months I will be offering orginal art from this new book. Look for them?

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Televex said...

Very excited! Will be in touch soon.